Glorious Skin

Emotions, thoughts, concerns, the capacity to act and communicate are linked to countless muscular contractions, which day after day leave deeper and deeper expression signs, particulary around the mouth, eye and neck areas. Comfort zone research laboratories present glorious skin, an exceptional formulation for immediately visible lifting effects, efficacy tests prove the exceptional results due to an immediate improvement of the skin elasticity for an amazingly younger-looking skin.

Glorious Skin Visible Lifting Tensor Serum
Visible lift-instant serum
The face appears relaxed and luminous, the skin is more compact with a visible reduction of lines related to aging and face expressions.

Glorious Skin Visible Lifting Tensor Mask
Visible lift-instant mask
Toned and relaxed skin with reduction of expression lines and a profound reoxygenation of the tissues.
Glorious Skin Visible Lifting Bust Cream
Nourishing cream visible lifting effect
Effective firming and toning action. The skin is nourished and hydrated.

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